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Sleep inducing foods

If you find yourself having bedtime battles with your little one, you might want to think about adding some of these sleep inducing foods to your child's diet: Tryptophan - With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner it is perfect Turkey season…and Turkey contains Tryptophan which is an amino acid shown to promote drowsiness. Tryptophan is also [...]

Coping with the clock change

The clocks change this weekend in the UK (and next weekend in the USA). This means making some changes to help kids make an easy adjustment. My number one tip on the day of the change is to ensure kids get more fresh air (natural light) than usual especially in the afternoon. Light inhibits the [...]

Baby led weaning, Sleep & Styling event with Annabel Karmel June 2017

I was thrilled to be part of a baby led weaning, sleep and styling event last week in conjunction with Annabel Karmel, Olivia Rubin (fashion designer) and Karin Thyselius (NW8 Mums). It was wonderful to see so many mums there and be able to share some of my sleep tips with everyone.

Family trip to USA (GMT +1 to EASTERN TIME) July 2016

One of my focuses is on travel and jet lag so I spent considerable time planning our trip to New York with my three sons. They are aged 5, 3 and 10 months and we had booked an 8pm flight from London which arrived at 4am London time (11pm local time). I wanted to minimise [...]

Sleep workshop, London NW8 September 2016

A photo from my sleep talk that I gave on behalf of St John’s Hospice (www.stjohnshospice.org.uk). Thank to all the lovely mummies & babies who came along. I have met a couple of you for recent consultations & we have been planning ahead & discussing jet lag concerns for upcoming exciting trips you are taking this summer!

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