Attachment-1The clocks change this weekend in the UK (and next weekend in the USA). This means making some changes to help kids make an easy adjustment.

My number one tip on the day of the change is to ensure kids get more fresh air (natural light) than usual especially in the afternoon. Light inhibits the sleep hormone, melatonin, so will help them stay up a little later which will help with the adjustment.

Other helpful tips are:

  1. Introduce a clock (I like the gro clock –¬† if the child is older than age 2. Young children need guidance when to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. For younger children, keep the room dark and talking to a minimum before your desired wake up time.
  2. Delay breakfast even if children wake up early. This will help their stomachs becoming accustomed to eating later and will help prevent unnecessary early waking.
  3. No screen time if kids wake up before the desired time. The light and noise from the screen will make them think it is morning and will encourage them to continue waking early, especially if they think they will get extra iPad/TV time.

On the upside there is one extra hour of the weekend so that’s a positive!